Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, MYWINDOWCLEANER™ is available worldwide. Currently we carry stock in USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Yes. E-GLASS is usually on the inside of the glass(installed properly. It is a Tin Coating that is very prone to scratching. As long as you do not have any debris stuck in your pads, you will not damage the window. 

Oh, absolutely - all you need is a long enough pole to reach the underside of the Skylight. Of course, for skylights on 2-story homes, someone would probably need to get not the roof - we recommend against that, or use a Professional with Insurance as ‘working at height’ is very dangerous.

This is all covered in the User Manual. Basically, you use the heavier microfiber pads to ‘grab’ the dirt off the glass, with a little distilled water to enable the pad to glide. Then you can ‘polish’ the glass of any remaining water film with the polishing pad.

There is no doubt that you will have neighbors that would rather ‘pay a friend’ than ‘do it themselves’. Mention on your neighborhood social media that you have MyWindowCleaner and availability to serve! In no time, you will have your money back, and making dollars!

Yes. Write to us at if you are interested as either a Distributor or Affiliate. We want everyone to have clean windows, and a local person is always well trusted.

Oh, no doubt, especially the outside windows, so your kids are not going into homes that are not well discerned. It’s better than mowing lawns, because it is so much safer.

Yes ... one afternoon, make a little flyer with your kids, using your (parent) cell phone for contact. Take a nice neighborhood stroll to deliver your letterbox drop. Only canvass the homes you feel are appropriate. Quote $1-2 per framed window and teach your kids how to schedule their service in Google Calendar, or Calendly.

For one story homes, really, your kids can clean your windows. For two-story homes, use an 18FT (6 meter) pole - and any adult can clean your windows from the safety of the ground.

Oh - so easily, and without transferring your ‘center of gravity’ over the railing. Simply adjust the ‘angle adaptor’ on your brush to keep the brush square on the glass, and stand tall while the brush cleans the outside of the balustrade.

Most homes have 11FT (3.5 meters) between floors. Windows rarely go to the celling, You use the pole with the end of the pole 4-5FT (1.5 meters). With all this in mind, usually, an 18FT (6meter) pole from your hardware store can be used to clean 2-story windows.

Flyscreens keep insects out, however they also dull your beautiful view, and increasingly, as they catch more dirt. Firstly, choose which windows you actually open. If you don’t open any windows for air-flow in your home, remove the screen, mark it with a sharpie pen, and store it. Screens can be removed before cleaning a window, or you can clean the window to be ‘cleaner’ through the screen.

Depending on the quality of your local water, the window brush may leave your windows spot-free after the removal of the dirt on the windows. If not, attach the chamois to the Indoor Pad, and chamois the windows to remove the beads of water, the same as we do when we wash our cars.

Any pole with an ACME THREAD (these are straight threads like a bolt, not tapered thread like a screw). Just take your MyWindowCleaner to your hardware store and check before you buy.

Whilst we have an 8FT (1.5 meter) MyWindowCleaner pole available, it is not necessary to use our branded pole. It is actually super-cool with easy-to-use clamps and non-rotational extension tubes.

Refer to the User Manual for all the information (you can download it from this website to learn everything, even before you invest.

30FT (10 meters) fitted with a Gardena quick connect (this is the global outdoor standard fitting) comes with your MyWindowCleaner. If you need longer hose to reach far-away or higher windows, simply connect the MyWindow Cleaner tube to your garden hose.

Forever ... there really is no reason for you to need to replace the MyWindowCleaner kit - maybe you will replace the pads every few years, or carry spare chamois pads for faster change over.

Ummm ... no. Whilst it is based on the technology that Professional Window Cleaners pay thousands of dollars for, mass production means we can offer these tools at a fraction of the Professional tool price.

The key to maintaining MyWindowCleaner is drying everything out before you store it back in the box. Hand wash the Pads and hang them out to dry naturally (do not use clothes dryer). That’s about it.

Refer to the User Manual how to pack everything back into the MyWindowCleaner box for easy storage.

It’s best to hand wash the pads and dry them quickly on a line or clothes rack, so they all keep their shape.

Oh, this is easy to answer : “No!” Just use any pole with an ACME POLE TIP - connect the pole and the tube, and start cleaning windows from the safety of the ground.

None, nil, zip. Only you will use a small spray of de-mineralised water (from your hardware store) for indoor, and tap-water for outdoor. No chemicals or detergents. It’s so eco-friendly!

Absolutely! Our design brief for My WindowCleaner was to make a product that everyone would be proud to use - protecting our environment. That’s why it is designed with a long working, and needs no chemicals or detergents that end up in our gardens and stormwater systems.

By using a pole connected to MyWindowCleaner, it is both ergonomic and safe. Clean all your high windows from the safety of the ground. Clean glass balustrades without leaning over the balcony. All our tools are developed as a result of keeping professional window cleaners safe for over 10 years now.

Actually, anything glass can be cleaned with MyWindowCleaner. You can also use the Window Brush on external siding and gutter faces.

Each pad has different qualities. Noodles have a larger surface area for extra dirty windows. Loops have less area, but more ‘grab’ friction for regular cleaning. Polishing is for removing water film, not dirt. Chamois is for removing beads of water to aid evaporation without spots.

Not that we know about. If you are ever in doubt, we can recommend you do what the professionals do. Choose a small section of a window and clean it. Wait and check it in direct sunlight. If there is anything wrong, it will become apparent with direct light.

Yes - MyWindowCleaner User Manual is 22 pages of everything you need to know, including tips from Professional Window Cleaners for situations that are possible. Everything is written in easy-to-read script, supported by delightful photos that help you understand clearly. You can download the User Manual before you invest in MyWindowCleaner so you know it is right for you, even before you buy it.

Definitely not - you could be 80lbs (35kg) or 200lbs (90kg) - it’s all the same. Effortlessly clean your own windows.

This is an interesting question. We know from our study of home cleaning that you can use a shorter time, more frequently and clean one side of your house at a time as required. Alternatively, schedule ‘the last weekend of each month’ and clean the whole house at one time.

The time it takes you to read the User Manual, is how long it takes to learn to use MyWindowCleaner - it’s really so easy!

Once you get the hang of it, you will clean your windows at 30-60 seconds per window per side. This makes it easy to calculate how long to clean your whole home - just count your windows (framed panes), and allow that many minutes to do inside, and the same minutes to do outside. If you clean monthly, allow half that time.

How often do your windows get dirty? You can clean your windows as often as you like - and you can just clean the ones that get dirty - it’s so easy!

INSIDE WINDOWS : When you use Microfiber, you grab the dirt off the glass, and it is held by the microfiber. All we need is a little distilled water on the microfiber to help the pad glide on the glass. Don’t use too much, or you will leave water on the glass. Because we are not using detergent, or volumes of water, the small amount of water evaporates immediately, eliminating the need for a squeegee.

OUTSIDE WINDOWS : When using the Window Brush, the bristles are disturbing the dirt into the water from the rinse bar over the brush, and it is all washed away with the volume of water. Most windows will then have beads of clean tap water left on them, like the bonnet/hood of your car. These beads have minerals in them that cannot evaporate with the water. Normally, as the bead evaporates, the minerals concentrate in the shape of the bead, increasing the concentration as the bead gets smaller, ultimately leaving a ‘spot’. The spot is not dirt - it is minerals. Using the same logic as we do when washing our cars, we use a chamois to absorb the bulk of the water in the beads, and the minerals with it. We leave a fine film of water on the glass, however the concentration of minerals is so low, the glass is left ‘spot-free’. In a sense, the chamois is doing the job of the squeegee, without needing to know how to use a squeegee!

Finger prints are oily marks on windows and always at a ‘reachable’ height. It is best to get a dilute detergent on a cloth and break them down first, before using MYWINDOWCLEANER - the same for Dog Nose Prints ... It just makes the job easier, and prevents ‘smearing’ the oily deposit on the glass.